Types of sunglasses

aviator sunglassesAlthough Aviators are an old design, they are very much fashionable today. Aviators are recommended as modern accessories. It is a fact that aviator sunglasses will not become obsolete. Previously in vogue, they will forever be in fashion. Aviator sunglasses are famous for a triangular oval shape. Aviators come often with oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frame. They are especially designed for pilots and are always the main stream in the eyeglasses world. A classic style, the aviators have withstood changing fashions. Nowadays, men as well as women prefer the aviator sunglasses.

Mirrorshades have a mirror coating on their lens surface. Police officers are seen wearing mirror coated goggles? Mirrorshades are quite effective in more extreme weather as they allow for minimal light to get though. If you wish to avoid direct eye contact with people for a personal reason, a fashionable pair of the mirrorshade sunglasses is what you really need! Due to its popularity with policemen, it has gained the nickname “cop shade”. There are 2 popular types of mirrorshades. One is the dual lens set fitted into a metal frame and the “Wraparound” design.

Polarized sunglasses offer clear vision with no glares. It was Pilates that made polarized lenses popular. This type of sunglasses gives them a glare-free workout even in bright sun rays. Polarized sunglasses provide comfort for the driver. If you are totally into outdoor sports like bike racing or hiking, you ought to invest in a good pair of brand Polarized sunglasses. The polarized lenses are sold in different sizes and shapes. They make the best style statement as polarized sunglasses eliminate well the glare emitted by surfaces such as water or snow. Due to the features, they even enhance the performance of outdoor sport enthusiasts.

clip on sunglassesClip on
The Clip on sunglasses feature a combination of sunglasses and eyeglass with 2 layers of lenses. They are regarded as normal RX eyeglasses if you take the outside layer off. When you leave the house, the clip on does the same job as your sunglasses – it prevents harmful UV rays with the help of the outside lenses.

Due to the rimless design, the rimless sunglasses are ultra lightweight and many sports enthusiasts opt to buy expensive rimless sunglasses. Rimless sunglasses also come in varous colors and have become an accepted fashion style.

wrap around sunglassesWraparound

With a large frame and lenses, the wraparound sunglasses cover your eyes and the surrounding area of the eyes much like goggles. In addition, thanks to their wraparound design, they stop damaging UV radiation from getting through their sides, bottom and top.

The oversized sunglasses got attention first in the 1960s as Jackie Onassis worn them. Nowadays, an increasing group of people are starting to wear them, especially women. The retro style oversized sunglasses are so popular, a lot of people are spotted wearing a pair in the last year.

Wayfarer SunglassesWayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses were in the mind of all fashion conscious in the 1960s and 1950s. Wayfarers are now in the limelight again. These sunglasses are considered as the most daring in the fashion world of designing. These angular and wide sunglasses look equally well on men and on women. The Classic wayfarers design comes in various textures and colors. Wayfarers are in fashion for the vibrant frames. Did you get your pair?

Teashade Sunglasses
Teashades are always in demand with people that adore high-end styles. Teashades were in fashion in the 1960s. Stars rocked at the concerts and wore teashades, perfectly round medium-sized lenses, with supporting pads on the nose bridge and thin wire frame. These sunglasses came in a popular model with large sizes and dark lenses. Although nowadays teashades are in lesser demand, they could be worn to distinguish you from the crowd.